Transferprinting means printing first on paper and then transferring the inks onto fabric using heat. The benefit is that the process is virtually waterless. Apart from some water used to make coffee, no water is used during printing the paper or transferring onto fabric. Also no post treatment of the fabric is needed, the dyes are fixed immediately  by the transferproces. Another benefit is that any printing losses such as start and finish are all on paper and not on valuable fabric.

It works because of the special dyes used. These dyes sublimate at 200 degrees centigrade and enter the polyester fibre. After cooling down the ink is locked inside the polyester. A special machine called calander is used for this part of the process.

Transferprinting works on all polyesters and on polyester blends. Polyesters that are fire retardent or have been treated for anti microbial or waterresistance are also printable. Very important is that fire retardent properties remain intact when printing. Recycled polyesters are no problem to print on.